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Trevali Mining Corporation is a base metal mining company with commercially producing operations in Canada, Peru, Burkina Faso and Namibia. Trevali recognizes that sustainable development is of critical importance to our business and as such incorporates safety, social, community, environmental and economic considerations into our business decision making and drives our focus at our operations. 

Through the implementation, management and maintenance of the Trevali Environmental and Social Management System the management, employees, contractors, sub-contractors and visitors are committed to: 

  • Operate in compliance with all statutory requirements within the countries that we operate; 
  • Operating with integrity, reliability, transparency and mutual respect; 
  • Building partnerships with our communities; 
  • Ethics interactions and consultations that are mutually beneficial, free from discrimination and take cognisance of human rights; 
  • Excellence in environmental, social and community management while operating efficiently 
  • The responsible stewardship of the people, air, land and water in which we interact; 
  • Implementing social and environmental planning for closure that is self-sustaining for present and future generations 
  • Continually improving the Trevali Mining Corporation environmental and social management system 

In order to achieve this, Trevali Mining will:

  • Develop, maintain and manage the Environmental, Social Management System 
  • Determine the environmental and social risks of the business and operations on a continuous basis 
  • Implement awareness and competency based training 
  • Encourage individual responsibility towards the environment and the communities 
  • Manage the impacts of our operations to the receiving environment as low as reasonably achievable 
  • Monitor and report environmental and social incidents and performance 
  • Operate in an open and transparent manner with stakeholders, communities, and interested and affected parties 
  • Enforce the principles of reduction, re-use and recycling where possible with all employees, contractors, sub-contractors and visitors 
  • Communicate and train personnel on environmental and social policies 
  • Coordinate effective environmental and social planning and investment 
  • Ensure adequate rehabilitation provisions for closure in business planning cycle
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