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Trevali Mining Corporation is committed to providing a healthy, safe and environmentally responsible work place. Sound health, safety and environmental practices are an integral part of our everyday job requirements and go hand- in- hand with sound production practices. In every phase of our operations, from exploration, mining and processing through marketing, transportation and reclamation, we will be guided by our Health, Safety and Environmental Policy. Under our Policy we will:

  • Ensure that economic decision-making processes consider Health, Safety and Environmental concerns;
  • Operate in compliance with applicable laws and regulations, as well as health, safety and environmental policies and guidelines of industry associations to which we subscribe;
  • Strive to be leaders in health, safety and environmental management through all stages of our business activities;
  • Continually improve our health, safety and environmental systems.

Managers and Supervisors, through each employee, take responsibility for implementing these principles and will, at all times:

  • Take all reasonable steps to protect the employees, the property, the public and the environment in the event of an adverse event or emergency situation;
  • Inform the employees of the Policy and provide the training necessary for them to integrate health, safety and environmental awareness into all their activities;
  • Establish clear health, safety and environmental performance goals and assign responsibilities for developing and implementing related measurement systems to ensure compliance with regulatory and company requirements;
  • Conduct regular assessments of our operations to identify risks and develop action plans resulting from the assessments;
  • Communicate openly with employees, the public, government regulators and other stakeholders on activities involving health, safety and the environment.

Trevali's success depends on a positive attitude toward health, safety and environmental protection for all employees.

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