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Trevali Mining Corporation is a base metal mining company with four commercially producing operations in Canada, Peru, Burkina Faso and Namibia. Trevali recognizes that sustainable development is of critical importance to our business and as such incorporates safety, social, community, environmental and economic considerations into our business decision making and drives our focus at our operations.

Through the implementation, management and maintenance of the Trevali Safety and Health Management Framework (TSMF), employees, contractors, sub-contractors and visitors are committed to:

  • A proactive safety culture that comprises of personal responsibility, accountability and teamwork;
  • Providing our people with the necessary equipment, tools and training to conduct the work safely
  • Operating safely in compliance with all statutory requirements within the countries that we are operate;
  • Working in partnership with key stakeholders and regulatory authorities
  • Working in an inclusive environment free from harassment and discrimination, and taking cognisance of human rights through ethical business decisions and actions
  • Understanding working safely is a key step in operational efficiency
  • Continually improving the Trevali Mining Corporation safety and health management system to achieve an injury and occupational disease free workplace

In order to achieve this, we will:

  • Develop, maintain and manage the safety and health management system
  • Identify the safety and health risks of the business and implement mitigation strategies
  • Provide competency based training
  • Encourage individual responsibility towards safety and health with increased reporting of unsafe conditions
  • Integrate health and safety to be part of operational efficiency and Sustainability
  • Hold ourselves and each other accountable to achieve a workplace which is injury free.
  • Operate in an open and transparent manner with stakeholders, communities and interested and affected parties
  • Implementation and enforce the 12 fatal hazard protocols
  • Communicate and provide training on policies and procedures
  • Report and investigate all incidents, unsafe acts, or unsafe working conditions
  • Incorporate safety and health planning as part of the business process
  • Participate in knowledge sharing across the Trevali group and work together to address key risks or challenges.

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