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At Trevali, we are asking ourselves some big questions about what it means to be a global mining company in today’s world.

We know that modern society needs mineral resources and the products that mining helps create.

As times change, society’s expectations of us change too.

Expectations about environmental responsibility.

Around what it means to be a good corporate citizen.

About being a company that is sustainable for the long-term.

And one that benefits its employees, its communities and its shareholders.

At Trevali, we are excited by these evolving expectations. They inspire innovative ideas and create new opportunities for us to enhance how our business operates.

Motivated by the potential that these questions present, we are focused on constant, incremental improvements in our business. Bringing creativity, agility and innovation into the very heart of the company. Operating efficiently and with the highest of safety standards. We are working to make ongoing improvements that contribute to achieving larger long-term goals.

By asking, and answering, these questions, we will create a different kind of mining company, and a new Trevali.

We embark on this journey with the key ingredients for success: strong assets, potential for resource expansion, a great balance sheet, and an engaged team of professionals.

As a reflection of our new vision, we are also launching a new corporate identity.

We are just getting started. Watch this space.

Trevali – the Future of Mining


Ricus Grimbeek
President & Chief Executive Officer






effective 44% interest




Exploration has delineated multiple zones of massive sulphide mineralization with lateral/strike extent of 520 metres with widths varying from 5 to over 35 metres

Gergarub Project

Gergarub Project

Trevali's majority-owned subsidiary Rosh Pinah Zinc Corporation holds a 49% interest in the Gergarub zinc-rich massive sulphide body located approximately 15 km north-west of the Company's Rosh Pinah Mine in southern Namibia.

Geology and Mineralization

Comprised of six main zones, with Zone 5 (“OZ5”) being slightly closer to surface and the other zones deeper and dipping at angles ranging from 26° to 45°. Mineralization has a lateral/strike extent of 520 metres with sulphide widths varying from 5-to-over-35 metres in Zones 0 to 4 (“OZ0-4”).

OZ1-4 form a “layered” package that extends from approximately 100 metres below surface to 500 metres below surface and OZ5 is a separate folded body located approximately 450 metres away from OZ1-4.

Massive sulphide zones at Gergarub project

Gergarub historic resource estimate

Resource Millions Tonnes Zn (%) Pb (%) Ag (g/t)
Indicated 11.36 9.13 2.48 43.39
Inferred 6.72 6.72 2.17 35.95

These resources should be viewed as historic and neither the Canadian Provincial Securities Commissions nor the US Securities and Exchange Commission recognize the reporting of historic resources, they are considered conceptual in nature. It cannot be assumed that all or any part of historic geological resources will ever be upgraded to a higher category.