Why Invest


Industry Leading Zinc Leverage

  • ~90% of revenue from zinc
  • Production increases for 5 straight years
  • Zinc fundamentals strong with low refined inventories and future supply constraints

Diversified Production in Stable Pro-Mining Jurisdictions

    Operating zinc mines:

    • Perkoa Mine (Burkina Faso)
    • Rosh Pinah Mine (Namibia)
    • Santander Mine (Peru)


  • Mineral resources at all mines remain open for expansion with exploration drill programs ongoing

    Advanced project pipeline:

    • Rosh Pinah 2.0
    • Bathurst Mining Camp
    • Santander Pipe
    • Perkoa Frontier VMS Belt

Management team focused on a standard operating platform

  • The leadership team and functional talent has been bolstered and reorganized to ensure the effective and efficient management by one company of four operations
  • Standardization and technology are being implemented and opportunities shared across the portfolio
Logo T90

T90 –Bringing the operations down the cost curve

  • Targeting $50 million in pre-tax annual sustainable efficiencies which will reduce consolidated AISC to $0.90 per pound of payable zinc.
  • Consists of improvement opportunities unique to each operating site, implementation of standardization and best practices , deploying technology to improve productivity as well as decision making.