Analyst Coverage


The following investment firms and equity analysts provide research reports on Trevali Mining Corporation. Any opinions, estimates, forecasts or other analyses, including prior or future Trevali performance from any source is the opinion of the writer and is theirs alone and does not represent the opinions, estimates or forecasts of Trevali or its management. Trevali does not, by any reference below, imply any endorsement of, or concurrence with, such information, conclusions or recommendations. Trevali does not distribute research reports.

Company Analyst Contact
BMO Capital Markets Rene Cartier Toronto, Canada
Canaccord Genuity Dalton Baretto Toronto, Canada
CIBC Capital Markets Oscar Cabrera Toronto, Canada
Cormark Securities Inc. Stefan Ioannou Toronto, Canada
Eight Capital   Ralph M. Profiti Toronto, Canada 
Stifel Ian Parkinson Toronto, Canada
Haywood Securities Inc. Pierre Vaillancourt Toronto, Canada
KALLPA Securities S.A.B. Jose Inurritegui Lima, Peru
National Bank Financial Shane Nagle Toronto, Canada
Paradigm Capital Inc. Jeff Woolley Toronto, Canada
RBC Capital Markets Sam Crittenden Toronto, Canada
Raymond James Ltd. Brian MacArthur Toronto, Canada
Scotiabank Orest Wowkodaw Toronto, Canada
TD Securities Inc. Craig Hutchison Toronto, Canada